Behind the scenes

I was on the Facebook group ELT Footprint and Clyde, a teacher in Thailand, posted this image by Phubes Thongsem, a Thai street artist. What a great image, and so suitable for the classroom! I asked the person who shared it whether I could use it, and he straight away contacted Phubes who said of course. How kind! I've learnt over the years that when you see a great image or text, reach out to the creator. They are often very generous in allowing you to create teaching materials based on their work. What is more, after I made the original lesson, Clyde reworked it and made the amazing version available here if you have more lesson time to devote to it. Clyde is not only able to plan a great lesson, he's also a fantastic vegetarian cook and blogs about it. Find mouth-watering recipes here: Here is a link to the image on Phube's Facebook page: