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  • Owain Llewellyn

    I studied English Literature. My passion is protecting the environment, at university I had many adventures taking part in direct action. I occupied oil company offices, was part of attempts to block construction of a bypass through a forest and helped halt oil drilling in Cardigan Bay, Wales. I trained to be an English teacher and have since worked in Europe, North Africa and Asia as a teacher and academic manager. I have completed my DELTA and am now working on my MA. I enjoy cycling with my family in my free time, especially travelling by bike across a new country and camping. I see enormous potential for the ELT community to make a huge impact in fighting the climate crisis as language teachers are in dialogue with millions of people on a global scale.

  • ELTsustainable

    ELTsustainable started as a blog of lesson plans in 2012, and it quickly became the place to get environment-themed lessons. Its free lesson plans quickly got shared and used across the world. Since then the climate crisis has burst into the mainstream. Now many teachers are doing excellent work to deal with this crisis in their work. I now focus on the acclaimed online course 'Language Teaching for the Planet' as I believe the interest is out there among teachers to develop their own lessons and this course helps them to do that and share skills and ideas. Many teachers have already benefited from it.