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Rebuilding to reboot better than ever!

Unsure how to integrate environmental issues into your language lessons? This course will give you the confidence to do this. Put September in your diary for a transformative two-week course in which you interact with the tutor and like-minded professionals. What makes this course unique is how it leverages the collective knowledge and intelligence that you, the other participants, and the tutor bring to this learning space. See from the testimonials how participants have appreciated this since 2019. Put your name on the list to be on the September cohort on the rebuilt platform for a learning experience that is better than ever.


What participants have said

“A refreshing way to consider how climate change could be part of everyday teaching. A must for any educator! ”

Language Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Sylvia Goetze

“It's a wonderful course, highly recommended!!”

English Teacher and Computing Engineer


“This course is very useful in helping generating ideas between participants. We learn from each other as well as getting the chance to visit a site with example materials. Perhaps the most useful thing I will take away is that I can see it is possible to integrate environmental perspectives more purposefully, and that the opportunities we had to share reflections on this have been very refreshing.”

Freelance ELT teacher, trainer and writer

Daniel Barber

“This course is the perfect length to get your teeth into the subject, work with colleagues to generate lots of exciting ideas and create something valuable. The length was key for me. Any longer and I might have got distracted. It ended on a high note with feelings of positivity, motivation and that feeling you get when you know you aren't alone. Other people care about the planet too! ”

ELT Author

Katherine Bilsborough

“If you’re thinking of ‘bringing in topics of sustainability to your teaching‘ and would like to discuss ideas with like-minded colleagues and get feedback, I’d recommend it. It is helping me think through some of my ideas and has added to the motivation for me to finally start writing on this topic here on my blog. ”

Blogger at, teacher, teacher trainer and EdTech specialist

Nergiz Kern

“Owain is fab. He was one of my MA students and his work is excellent. He was very early to the climate stuff and his time has come. ”


Gavin Dudeney

About this course

You will Inspire your students to positively engage with environmental issues and sustainability on their language learning journey after taking this course

After this course, you will Inspire your students to positively engage with environmental issues and sustainability on their language learning journey. You will gain access to valuable course materials, you will thrive in a very interactive and collaborative learning environment. You collaborate on a platform called Slack, have a Zoom link-up and share ideas with an attentive tutor and other participants. You have the chance to plan and submit your own lesson as an assignment and get feedback on it. There is a beautiful certificate of completion given at the end of the course. One of the things people really enjoy about this course is learning from like-minded professionals, forming a learning community and forming a personal learning network of like-minded, environmentally conscious teachers. Typically there will be a number of other teachers who are interested in integrating environmental issues into their language teaching, and they all come with their own ideas and experience, so there are some wonderful opportunities to share expertise and learn from each other. If you are looking for a transformation in your teaching, to be great at bringing in topics of sustainability to your teaching in a way that motivates your learners I am confident this course is for you. You can pre-order this course in advance to guarantee your place. Then just relax and wait until the course starts when you'll receive a notification.

Course curriculum


Instructor Bio: Owain

Owain is a passionate environmentalist and language teaching professional. As a student he took part in direct action to prevent oil companies drilling in the bay next to his home. As a language teacher he saw a new opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues and bring the dialogue about sustainability into the classroom. Since 2012 he has been publishing, giving teachers the world over the opportunity to reach thousands of learners with his engaging environment-themed lessons. He has taught English, trained teachers and been an academic manager on 3 continents, he has the Cambridge diploma in Language teaching, numerous qualifications in online teaching and is now completing his MA with a focus on EdTech and materials development. Now he is helping teachers everywhere to be the best they can be in bringing the dialogue around the environment into their class with this online course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’

Owain Llewellyn

Course Tutor


Instructor Bio: Owain

Ben is a teacher and teacher trainer and has worked in ELT since 2007. When he was a teenager, he became involved in conservation projects in his local community, and has been passionate about environmental issues ever since. For the past 10 years he has been based in Andalucía in Spain and has worked as Director of Studies and Centre Manager. He specialises in teaching Young Learners, troublesome teenagers, and EdTech, and regularly presents workshops and talks at conferences across Spain. He is currently completing his Diploma in teaching with Trinity. In 2020 he was a student on this ‘Language Teaching for the Planet Course’, which has transformed his teaching and fired him up to engage more students and teachers in the sustainability debate.

Ben Crompton



  • How long is the course?

    It is 2 weeks long. We pack a lot in, and recommend logging in as often as possible, once a day or every couple of days is ideal.

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, I will create a certificate for all participants who complete this course.

  • Do I get individual feedback and attention?

    Yes, this is a strength of this course in comparison with many more well-known online learning providers. Participants have marked this as something they most appreciated about it. Now a second instructor will join for the final week and give feedback on the material you create. He is a materials writer for the National Geographic coursebook.

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