What participants have said

“This course is very useful in helping generating ideas between participants. We learn from each other as well as getting the chance to visit a site with example materials. Perhaps the most useful thing I will take away is that I can see it is possible to integrate environmental perspectives more purposefully, and that the opportunities we had to share reflections on this have been very refreshing.”


Dan Barber

“A refreshing way to consider how climate change could be part of everyday teaching. A must for any educator! ”



Course curriculum

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    Getting Started

    • What Can This Course Do For You?

    • A message from Owain

    • Using the course platform

    • How to use the course Platform

    • Start of Course Survey

    • About your Course tutor ...

    • What about you?

    • My Bio

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    • Our Students

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    Investigating existing environment-themed lessons

    • What does a lesson for the planet look like?

    • A website of environment-themed lessons

    • Website Evaluation: Discussion

    • What are the top tips for teaching environment-themed lessons?

    • Top Tips for Environment-Themed Lessons. What are they?

    • What would be tip number 7, 8, 9 or 10

    • Sharing is Caring

    • Three things I've taken away ...

  • 03

    Creating my own Materials

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • My material to bring the dialogue about sustainability into the classroom.

    • As we approach the end ...

    • Farewell messages and gifts

    • Before you go ...