What participants have said

“A refreshing way to consider how climate change could be part of everyday teaching. A must for any educator! ”

Language Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Sylvia Goetze, Switzerland

“It's a wonderful course, highly recommended!!”

English Teacher and Computing Engineer

Claudia, Peru

“Thanks to you. It's been a fruitful and nice experience. The course is extraordinary from any point of view (platforms, contents,mates, activities). A really inspiring activity where one can learn a lot in only two weeks. Thanks for your tireless help and enthusiasm. I will not forget my participation and I am sure your lessons will be very useful for me in the future”

Philosophy Teacher

José Antonio Sequeiros, Spain

“What an original and creative course! Flavien LanmantchionI appreciate the opportunity and learning the course has brought into me. As teachers we can also make a difference with the classes we teach by saving the planet. ”

Professional Development Coordinator/AfricaTESOL Past President/Beninese National Teachers of English Association

Flavien Lanmantchion, Benin

“This course is very useful in helping generating ideas between participants. We learn from each other as well as getting the chance to visit a site with example materials. Perhaps the most useful thing I will take away is that I can see it is possible to integrate environmental perspectives more purposefully, and that the opportunities we had to share reflections on this have been very refreshing.”

Freelance ELT teacher, trainer and writer

Daniel Barber, Spain

“If you’re thinking of ‘bringing in topics of sustainability to your teaching‘ and would like to discuss ideas with like-minded colleagues and get feedback, I’d recommend it. It is helping me think through some of my ideas and has added to the motivation for me to finally start writing on this topic here on my blog. ”

Blogger at nergizkern.com, teacher, teacher trainer and EdTech specialist

Nergiz Kern, United Kingdom

“I've really enjoyed being a part of your course.I would also like to express my adoration for your dedication and commitment in helping teachers to integrate ways of protecting the planet. Honestly speaking, your course helped me to create the lesson I had submitted so thank you! ”

Language Teacher

Jayshri, Switzerland

“This course is the perfect length to get your teeth into the subject, work with colleagues to generate lots of exciting ideas and create something valuable. The length was key for me. Any longer and I might have got distracted. It ended on a high note with feelings of positivity, motivation and that feeling you get when you know you aren't alone. Other people care about the planet too! ”

ELT Author

Katherine Bilsborough, Spain

“Owain is fab. He was one of my MA students and his work is excellent. He was very early to the climate stuff and his time has come. ”


Gavin Dudeney, Wales


  • How long is the course and how many hours a week does it require?

    It is two weeks long and it has 3 modules. It requires approximately 4 hours a week.

  • Do I have to log on at a specific time or can I do it when I'm free?

    Many of the participants on the course are working throughout the day on varying schedules. The good news is that you can log on at any time you like to access the lessons or post and respond to comments in the discussion. What’s more, the discussion takes place on a platform called Slack, and the great advantage of this is that there is an app so you can engage in the discussion from your phone while on the go without logging in our out, and you receive notification updates of the conversation. I encourage people to log on every day when possible, little and often, however it's natural that some people log on every couple of days when they're busy. If I haven't seen someone for three days, I check in with them and usually they are having a busy period and let me know they can log back in. There is one optional Zoom session which is a nice chance to meet the other participants. It is at a set time at the weekend so more people can attend, and is recorded for those who can't come.

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, you receive a beautiful certificate on completion of this course. This can be shared on your LinkedIn and social media profiles or downloaded as a PDF certificate.

  • Do I get individual feedback and attention?

    Yes, this is a strength of this course in comparison with many more well-known online learning providers. Participants have marked this as something they most appreciated about it.

  • Is there a focus here for EFL writers too?

    Definitely. Teachers and Materials writers benefit from this course, and the cross-pollination of ideas is a real strength of this course.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay using PayPal or by card through the Stripe Payment system.

  • Do I need any accounts for this course?

    Yes, you need an account with this platform, thinkific. You will also be invited to set up an account with Slack, which is a platform that helps build the community of learning that is such an important part of this course. You will receive all necessary support with this.

  • Do we get to speak via Zoom?

    Yes, there is now a live lesson in which we meet up to get to know each other and share ideas.

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